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    Upon further analysis of digital humanities readings and media, I am able to conclude that digital humanities is dynamic and broad. The media and readings provided, described a range of perspectives from the future aspirations and innovation of digital humanities to the limitations and barriers to development of DH. Furthermore, the literary side of DH […]

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    I created a StoryMap outlining the history of nuclear disasters across the globe over time below is the map. This is a useful software especially when mapping global events, I have used this technology before in other classes.

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    I decided to do the evolution of drum and bass, it’s a genre i’m currently exploring. I followed the instructions and most things went smoothly except when trying to copy the publication link was confused and copied the link that immediately came up instead of grabbing it from the search bar! Rookie mistake…had a momentary […]

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    Final project proposal How have transportation networks evolved with technology to suit the needs of a growing population in rural and urban areas in BC?  Addressing Digital Humanities:  This proposal touches on aspects of digital humanities by addressing the evolution of technology and its implications on transportation geography. Moreover, it will address the ‘humanities’ by […]

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    Here’s a quick story, told by EmbedTwine, chose wisely!

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    Topic 5 I chose to analyse poetry from  Alan Liu’s Data Collections and Datasets and using Voyant to analyse poetry proved effective as it aided to give context to similes and metaphors as well as other poetic devices. Voyant’s ‘context’ section really helped give insight as to what phrases meant and other meanings outside of […]

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    I used the top OCR app on the app store: Text Scanner (OCR). Was pretty straightforward expect when downloading the scanned words, couldn’t directly download it from the software, this added another step. I pasted the scanned text into Word then turned it into a PDF. I think if I used a different app or […]

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    I chose files related to my life, as i’m turning my website into more of a blog rather than a website. I filled out every category possible within Omeka’s Dublin core in order to make it super easy to navigate my archives. Visitors will easily be able to navigate file types and be able to […]

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    Setting up a subdomain as well as installing Omeka was relatively straightforward, similar to installing WordPress. The only time I was hesitant was deciding whether to go with Omeka S or Omeka Classic, I decided to go with Omeka classic as it is a much better option when considering the scale of my website. However, […]