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Final project proposal

How have transportation networks evolved with technology to suit the needs of a growing population in rural and urban areas in BC? 

Addressing Digital Humanities: 

This proposal touches on aspects of digital humanities by addressing the evolution of technology and its implications on transportation geography. Moreover, it will address the ‘humanities’ by looking at the history and evolution of transportation in BC and will touch further on the societal and cultural implications of transportation infrastructure in BC. This social science approach links demographic, cultural, transportation, development and societal geography relevant to my interests with geography but overlapping with humanities. It is well known that BC has a rich railway history, with large cultural significance shown in today’s demographics. Not to mention, the controversies with the arrival of immigrants in the past (Ex: Komagata maru) and its societal implications seen today. After addressing the history of transportation in BC I will then analyze how transportation is today and its future projections. Rural areas of Canada are the most disadvantages spaces, and improving transportation is essential to solve social issues within these communities. Urban areas tend to be inefficient without properly placed public transportation and in order reduce traffic it is of the utmost importance to have effective transit. To reinforce claims I will use the following digital humanity tools to display evidence and provide context. 

Digital humanity tools 

Geographical maps 

Using geographical maps, I can demonstrate the transportation infrastructure in different sites around British Columbia. Furthermore, I can use these maps to differentiate the type and efficiency of said infrastructure. I can also use demographic maps to evolution of transportation and link it to the growth of population and technology.  


Using Omeka I will organize and manage digital files such as the geographical maps mentioned above, and other digital media relevant to this project. Potential videos and audio recordings will also be stored in Omeka 

Text analysis  

Text analysis will be a key tool when researching, highlighting key terms and key information in text heavy articles. It will also allow an alternative way to present data, allowing readers to have a much more in-depth understanding without having to decipher technical writing.  

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