Post #9

Upon further analysis of digital humanities readings and media, I am able to conclude that digital humanities is dynamic and broad. The media and readings provided, described a range of perspectives from the future aspirations and innovation of digital humanities to the limitations and barriers to development of DH. Furthermore, the literary side of DH has provided insight into electronic literature and it’s potential hazards. One of the readings also went into depth on the effects of algorithms on our society, how it can lead to discrimination, echo chambers and the propagation of societal standards. Moreover, the engagement of commercial entities on the internet to sell us an ideal of what society should look like has led to privacy invasions and limited policies to project a company agenda. Finally, the mystery and accuracy of big data has led much of the population to put faith in authority, rather faith in big data to lead our lives. Blindly submitting to the effects of big data has led to spread of misinformation and the creation of echo chambers.

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